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Linux For Z/Series Installation Workshop
Duration: 2 Days
Lab: Yes
Cost: $1200
Course Description
This course is a complete introduction to the installation of Linux on both the S/390 and the zSeries platforms. Several major Linux distributions are covered including; SuSE, Red Hat and Turbolinux. Online lab exercises using different distributions are included, from preparing and loading the boot system right through to IPLing and logging on to the finished Linux system. All major installation techniques are explained (native, LPAR and VM) and the advantages and disadvantages of each are revealed. This hands-on class covers everything a S/390 or zSeries specialist needs to know to install Linux on their platform.
Designed For
This course is designed for OS/390 and/or z/OS systems programmers, network systems programmers, senior operators and technical managers.
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Linux Installation Overview
  • Installing Linux (Phase One)
  • Installing Linux (Phase Two)
  • Installing Linux (Post-Install)
  • Administering Your Linux System
  • Maintaining Your Linux System
By the end of the course, you will be able to...
  • Explain what Linux is and why it is important
  • Understand the role of Linux on the S/390 and zSeries platforms
  • Describe the main differences between GNU and IBM licensing
  • Describe how Linux is installed and updated on the PC, S/390 and zSeries platforms
  • Understand Linux distribution and the main vendors
  • Describe and understand the three major S/390 and zSeries installation techniques
  • Provide basic customization for the ProFTP, Apache and Samba servers
  • Explain how to administer users and groups
  • Understand the basic Linux administration commands, including backup and recovery
  • Understand the major Linux security issues
  • Describe the basic post-installation customization options
No previous experience of installing or working with Linux is required, although it would be an advantage. A knowledge of the S/390 and/or zSeries environment is also not required but a basic familiarity with the hardware environment will be assumed.